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Live Like A Suicide EP Appetite For Destruction Live From The Jungle EP GN'R Lies Use Your Illusion I Use your Illusion II "The Spaghetti Incident ?" Live Era '87-'93 Greatest Hits Chinese Democracy


  Misc. Records (45t, 33t...) / Records 7", 12"...

A Rare Interview With Guns N' Roses − UK ??-Pack 4 X 45t (4X7"LP) - BAKPAK 1011
Appetite For Conversation − UK 1989 Maxi LP (LP"12)
DMC DJ Mixes 2 February 90-England 1990 LP (12"LP) - DMC 85/2

November Rain Demo Test Pressing
?? ??
Rock Sagas - The Chris Tetley Interviews − 1988 − England − CT 1013


  Misc. CD's... ─

Appetite For Destruction / Lies-Special 2 CD Pack Germany 1999  490 435-2
End Of Days − US 1999 CD Album -
Guns N' Rose The Interview − UK − 1994 − Interview CD (5") - CCD4015

Hollywood Rose : The Roots Of Guns N' Roses-France-2004 -640538 2
Holiday Greetings From Guns N' Roses
Japan 1993 − (3" CD) - MVDZ-2
Interview ?? ?? CD
Interview Disc And  Fully Illustrated  Book
UK 1996 SAM 7016 - CD + Booklet
Nobody's Child-Romanian Angel Appeal Germany 19907599-26280-2
Réservoir Rock France 1995 (5" CD) - 481086 2

Rock Ballad Allemagne 1997 − (5" CD) - 555 184-2
The Unauthorised Biography Of Guns N' Roses UK 2000 ABCD 045 - CD Pict-disc + Poster
Tous Les Talents Du Monde 1 − EU − 2000 − Universal / Barclay - 7995 - LC 00126
Truth Or Lies UK CD Pict-disc
Yesterdays / Interview CD Combo − UK − 1992 − Baktabak CBAK 4015


  Misc. Cassettes / Tapes... ─

Réservoir Rock France 1995VER 481086 4


Press Kit, Press Release...

Appetite For Destruction US Press Kit
French Press Kit Release
GN'R Lies Press Kit
Live Era French Press Release
Paradise City Ad Press Release
Use Your Illusion French Press Kit
Use Your Illusion French Press Release
Use Your Illusion UK Presentater
Use Your Illusion Press Release Ad
"The Spaghetti Incident?" US Press Release




19/06/2012-Toulon, Zénith Oméga, France
2016 Not In This Life Tour - Toronto 07-16-2016 Poster
Chinese Democracy Tour-London Arena
- UK - 2002
Chinese Democracy Promo Poster

Chinese Democracy Promo Poster

Donington Monsters Of Rocks 1988
Greatest Hits Poster
Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena 9 April 2016
Live Era Poster
Skin N' Bones Tour 1993 French Date
"The Spaghetti Incident?" Poster
"The Spaghetti Incident?" Poster Promo
Use Your Illusion Ad. Germany Poster
Use Your Illusion Album Release
Use Your Illusion Tour Poster Promo
-06.06.1992, Paris, France
Use Your Illusion Tour Poster Promo-24.08.91, Mannheim, Allemagne


Tickets De Concerts ─

Mannheim, Maimarktgelande, Germany, 24.08.1991
Paris, Hippodrome De Vincennes, 06.06.1992
Gateshead, UK, 16.06.1992
Werchter, Belgium, 11.07.1993
Paris, Paris Bercy, France 20.06.2006
Montpellier, Arena, France 2012




Tour Program

1993 Tour Itinerary Europe & Scandinavia
Chinese Democracy Tour
Download 2006 Festival
Freddy Mercury Tribute
Japan 1988
Use Your Illusion I, II May/June 1992
Use Your Illusion Tour
Use Your Illusion Tour


─ Books, Magazines...

A Classical Story Of Exess  (France)
Axl Rose Color Spectacular
Kerrang! A Pictorial History 1987-1992 (UK)
Guns N' Roses "1985-1995" (France)
Guns N' Roses Das Fanbuch (Germany)
Guns N' Roses In Person (UK)
Guns N' Roses (Italy)
Guns N' Roses (Italy)
Guns N' Roses Live! (UK)
Guns N' Roses Special
Guns N' Mag (France)
Guns N' Roses "Die Harteste Hard Rock And Derwelt" (Germany)
Hard Force Intégral (Hors Série) (France)
Hard Rock (Hors Série) 1 (France)
Hard Rock (Hors Série) 2 (France)
Hard Rock (Hors Série) 3 (France)
Hard Rock Numéro Special (France)
In Their Own Words (UK)
Let The Music Do The Talking
Metal Hammer (Hors Série n° 1990) (France)
Metal Magazine Vol 1 à 3 (France)
Over The Top "The Story Of Guns N' Roses" (US)
Postermania (France)
Premiere Anthologie Du Hard Rock (France)
Recklesse Road (And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction)-Band Cover (US)
Rock Stars International Hors Série (France)
Rock N' Roll Comics (US)

Rock N' Roll Popular 1 Espacial (Spain)
"Smash Hits" (Hors Série n°3) (France)

"Tear-Out" 20 Photos booK (UK)
The Photographic History - Exclusif Photos Story - France
The Photographic History - Japan
The Pictures (US)
Various Magazines




─ Vêtements (Clothes)

1989 Los Angels Coliseum T-shirt
2006 European Tour T-shirt
2006 UK & Europe Tour T-shirt
2006 UK & Europe Tour T-shirt 2
2016 Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena - 8/9 April 2016
2016 Not In This Life Time Tour
2016 Not In This Life Time Tour - Toronto T-shirt 07-16-2016
2016 Troubadour Secret Gig 1 April 2016
30Th Anniversary Gear
Appetite For Destruction T-shirt
Bradford Gallery Axl T-shirt
Cap Promo Use Your Illusion
Charles Manson (Axl T-Shirt like)
Chinese Democracy World Tour 2002-2003 T-shirt
Chinese Democracy World Tour 2002-2003 T-shirt 2
Classic Logo T.shirt
Coma T-shirt
Copenhagen 1993 Promotion Jean Jacket
Illusion Wooden Box Set T-shirt
"Local Crew 92" T-shirt
"Local Crew" (Whatever It Takes World Tour) T-shirt
Nightrain Fan Club T-Shirt + Badge & Lanyard
One In A Million T-shirt (Axl)
Skin N' Bones Tour T-shirt
Skull T-shirt
Squelette T-shirt
Stage C. Staging Compagny UYI Hood Sweatshirt
Use Your Illusion Embroidered Logo
Use Your Illusion Patch
Use Your Illusion I T-shirt
Use Your Illusion I & II T-shirt
Use Your Illusion Tie-Dye T-shirt
Use Your Illusion "World Tour 1993" Sweat-shirt


Misc. (...)

An Evening Of Destruction-Las Vegas 2014 Residency Collection
Apologies Letter Ticket Line for reported concerts
Appetite For Destruction USA Long Box

Appetite For Destruction Display
Appetite For Destruction Display 2
Appetite For Democracy Las Vegas 2012 Residency Collection

Australia'93 Pin
Box released French
Chinese Democracy Advert Card Promo

Chinese Democracy Poker Chip
Chinese Democracy Store Display
Figures Funko Pop ! Rock
GN'R Lies Pen Promo
GN'R Lies Matches Promo

"Greatest Hits" French Display Promo
HMV Display
Japan Phone Card
Las Vegas 2016 VIP Package
Litte Flag Logo
Puzzle Classic Logo
Scandinavian Contracts and Stage Drawings
Since I Don't Have You Stationery
"The Spaghetti Incident ?" Metal Tin Promo
"The Spaghetti Incident ?" Display Promo 2 sides
"The Spaghetti Incident ?" Display Promo
"The Spaghetti Incident ?" Calendar Promo
"The Spaghetti Incident ?" Promo Radio
"The Spaghetti Incident ?" Spaghetti Pack Promo
Use Your Illusion Box Release To Hold 6 SHM CDs
Use Your Illusion Display
Use Your Illusion Display 2
Use Your Illusion Flag
Use Your Illusion I Promo Display 2 Sides
Use Your Illusion I Longbox No CD
Use Your Illusion I Longbox No CD Alternate
Use Your Illusion II Longbox No CD
Welcome To The Jungle Mat Promo



─ Publicités (Advertissement) ─ 

1987 UK Tour
1994 GN'R Ad
06/06/1992-Paris, Hippodrome De Vincennes France-Ad
1993 French Concerts Ad
08/07/1993-Nancy, Zénith Ad
08 & 09/07/1993-Nancy, Zénith & Grenoble, Stade Charles Berti Ad
20/06/2006-Paris, Bercy, France-Ad
30/09/2010-Anvers, Sportpaleis-Flyer
18/06/2012 Montpellier, P&S Arena-Flyer
19/06/2012 Toulon, Zénith Omega-Flyer
Australian Coke Contest
Australian Flyer Concert
Axl Microphone Ad
Chinese Democracy Ad
Chinese Democracy Ad 2
Civil War Ad
Don't Cry / November Rain Contest Ad
Exclusif Photos Story French Ad
Exclusif Photos Story French Order Ad
Gibson Slash Ad
GN'R Contest Ad
GN'R Contest Ad 2
GN'R Contest Ad 3
GN'R Flipper Ad
GN'R Merchandise Ad
GN'R Merchandise Ad 2
GN'R Merchandise Ad 3
GN'R Merchandise Ad 4
GN'R Merchandise Ad 5

GN'R Merchandise Ad 6
GN'R Merchandise Ad 7
Greatest Hits Ad
Live Era 87' 93' Ad
Live Era 87' 93' Ad 2
Mag Issue Ad
Not In This Time Japan Tour Ad
Not In This Time Japan Tour Ad 2
Radio Ad
Reckless Road Ad Card
T-shirt Merchandise Ad
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 2
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 3
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 4
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 5
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 6
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 7
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 8
T-shirt Merchandise Ad 9
Use Your Illusion Contest
"The Spaghetti Incident?" Ad
"The Spaghetti Incident?" Contest Ad
"The Spaghetti Incident?" Contest Ad 2
Use Your Illusion Video Merchandise Ad
Welcome To The Jungle CD Single Ad
Welcome To The Jungle Records/CD Single-Ad
Welcome To The Jungle Records Singles


─  Window Clings And Stickers ─ 

Knockin' On Heaven's Door Window Cling
"The Spaghetti Incident?" Cling
Use Your Illusion Stickers
Use Your Illusion Window Cling


─  Postcards ─ 

2002 Tour Postard
Canadian 1988 Tour Postcard promo
Collection Of Various Postcards
French Tour 2012 Postcard Promo
Live Era Postcard


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